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Table 2 MEMS-enabled 3D imaging system comparison summary

From: Optical MEMS devices for compact 3D surface imaging cameras

3D imaging principle Size Working distance Speed Miniaturized system application Author (year), Journal (refs.)
Stereoscopic vision (multiple view from 7 LC lens) Device size: 1.4 mm in diameter
Packaging size: 3.5 mm in diameter (endoscopy)
Focal lengths from 25 to 240 mm Focus-tunable endoscopy Hassanfiroozi et al. [27], Optics Express
Stereoscopic vision (multiple view from 3 LC lens) Device size: 1.42 mm in diameter
Packaging size: 2.5 mm in diameter (endoscopy)
Focal lengths from 80 mm to infinity 2D/3D switching time: 1.5 s 2D/3D switchable and focus-tunable endoscopy Hassanfiroozi et al. [28], Optics Express
Stereoscopic vision (temporal division) Device size: 3.4 mm × 3.3 mm × 1 mm 3D demonstrated from 65 to 120 mm in distance Actuating frequency: 136 Hz Jang et al. [29], Optics Express
Stereoscopic vision (split by refraction) Device size: 5 mm × 5 mm 3D demonstrated from 10 to 100 mm in distance 3D endoscopy Yang et al. [30], Optics Letters
Structured light (MEMS mirror immersed in oil) Device size: 3.2 mm × 3.2 mm 3D demonstrated at entire 30 in Actuating frequency: up to 70 Hz Zhang et al. [31], Optics Express
Structured light (combination with MEMS mirror and diffractive structure) Device size: 1 mm in diameter Structured light projected at 30 cm, 50 cm distance MEMS mirror actuating frequency: 25.5 kHz/camera framerate: 30 fps Carpignano et al. [32], J. Disp. Tech.
Merlo et al. [33], IEEE_
Structured light (variable light patterns) Device size: 1.2 mm × 1.2 mm × 0.43 mm Actuating frequency: fx 5950–6006 Hz
fy 6800–6798 Hz
Seo et al. [34], IEEE OMN 2018
Stereoscopic with structured light (64 × 64 Dammann grating) Packaging size: 170 g weigh with 14 cm width Measuring distance at 150 mm Camera framerate: up to 15 fps Handily scannable module Wei et al. [36], Applied Optics
Structured light (designed transmission DOE and patterned VCSEL array) Device size: adjustable by glass wafer cutting Lyu et al. [37], SPIE Optical Design and Engineering VII
Structured light (diffractive lens, beam shaper, and Damman beam splitter combined DOE) Measuring distance at 1 m Barlev et al. [38], Optics Express
Time-of-flight (2-axis scanning MEMS based laser scanning) Sensor chip size: 8 mm × 5 mm Measured distance range up to 20 m Frame rate: 10 fps LIDAR system Niclass et al. [39], Optics Express
Time-of-flight (optical shutter with multi-layered optical resonance cavity and electro-absorptive layers) Device size: 7.3 mm × 5.5 mm 3D demonstrated from 1 to 3 m in distance Optical shutter modulation frequency: 20 MHz Park et al. [40], SPIE MOEMS-MEMS 2012
Park et al. [41], SPIE MOEMS-MEMS 2014