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Table 1 Comparison of the capacitance, energy density of our supercapacitor with other works

From: A flexible cable-shaped supercapacitor based on carbon fibers coated with graphene flakes for wearable electronic applications

Electrode material Preparation method Substrate Electrolyte CA (mF cm−2) EA (μWh cm−2) References
rGO Photolithography and in-situ assembled graphene PET PVA-H2SO4 0.95 [23]
LSG Laser-scribed graphene Flexible substrate PVA-H2SO4 2.32 0.32 [24]
EG/PH1000 Spray coating Paper/PET PVA-H2SO4 5.4 [25]
GFs-CFs GFs coating PDMS PVA-H2SO4 15.099 2.097 This work