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Table 1 Some EV applications in diagnosis

From: Methods to isolate extracellular vesicles for diagnosis

Disease Biospecimen Isolation method Biomarker Reference
Breast cancer Serum Ultracentrifugation EpCAM [54]
Acute kidney injury (AKI) Urine Differential centrifugation Fetuin-A [33]
Ovarian cancer Serum Density gradient centrifugation OVCAR-3 and IGROVI [55]
Lung cancer Plasma Immunoaffinity EGFR level [65]
Ovarian cancer Serum Modified magnetic activated cell sorting procedure Overexpressed specific miRNAs [30]
Prostate cancer Urine Ultrafiltration PCA3 and TMPRSS2-ETG [53]
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Urine Ultrafiltration Podocalyxin-like protein 1 (PODXL) [34]
Ovarian adenoma Serum Size exclusion chromatography EGFRvIII [77]
Prostate cancer Urine Polymer precipitation Prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) [85]
Acute coronary syndromes (ACS) Serum Polymer precipitation Polygenic immunoglobulin receptors, cystatin C(cycteine proteinase) and C5a [81]
Ovarian adenoma Serum Size exclusion chromatography EGFRvIII [77]
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) Serum Microfluidics Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH-1) [90]
Melanoma cancer Blood Microfluidics MelanA [33]